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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Quick first days home update! Will do more in a couple days!

Where have I been? BUSY! Lol, and sleep deprived but joyful!

My Facebook status from an hour ago  (My mom came yesterday for eight days! Yay!)
"Sometimes you just need your mom. My sleep deprivation had caused migraines and more weight loss (It's impossible to have an appetite on an average of 3-4 hours sleep for the past 7 days of travel and toddlers on opposite jet lagged sleep schedules). My mom got here, had me eat half a gluten free pizza for lunch ("Ah Pizz" in Denville is wonderful, even if they have a strange name), lol, sooo good! And suggested I take 2 Unisom, just for one night, I really avoid those (Melatonin or an occassional Z-Quil only worked for a couple hours but I had been waking up constantly.) We knew the girls would sleep through the night and they did again. I slept NINE HOURS STRAIGHT. I'm a new woman. Thank you Lord, for my mama. 
My girls are so resilient and absolute joys! The sleep issue has really been the only difficulty for me. Cara has had almost no jealousy at all, and has been incredibly gracious to K and (you can ask my mom), goes up to K to kiss her, hug her, tickle her, say she loves her several times an hour. (K smiles at first but eventually pushes her off her, lol). The adjustment with Kate has been nothing short of a miracle. SHE is a miracle. To understand her heartbreaking background then to spend an hour with her, brings people who "get it" to tears. She's so curious, inquisitive, creative, delighted, and finds JOY in the fact that she KNOWS she has a family now and she is LOVED, even adored. She has a long road, but by God's grace, we are doing wonderfully!"

She still loves apples! (skinned)

Guess what?!? This child is now almost re-potty trained! Her Pull-ups have been totally dry and clean since coming home. I just showed her a picture of her on her old bucket potty in China and sat her down. She giggled at the picture and went! Easy peasy! I put her on it every 3 hours, give her the big foam book, and sign "potty", and give her two chocolate chips right afterwards. She's awesome!

It was so fun introducing her to our church family. Everyone was so gracious and careful with her and she had fun! She especially came alive as Daddy held her by the loud speakers and Mommy signed the worship song where she could see. She loved it and was laughing. 

First corn on the cob, she LOVES it!

A quiet picnic with my babies! How I adore them!!!

They were ready to pick Yami up at the airport!

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  1. Been thinking of you all SO much!! So glad to see this awesome update and hear your Mama came to the rescue! We are NEVER too old for our Mama's!!! We have the same dress that Katie has on at your picnic for our new little one!! Can't wait to put it on her for the first time!!!
    It has been a blessing to follow your journey here. Thank you!