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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Day 9: Indoor Gardens and then SUPER sick... :/

Thursday we all took a morning trip to a nearby indoor garden in Shijiazhuang. It was immense, 9 floors of plants, flowers, boat rides, arcades, kids' rides, etc.
Katie was terrified of the Mickey and Minnie Mouse statues: 

and we all went on our first carousel as a family of four:, silly Daddy

Katie LOVED the carousel!, we're sitting on a lion

Nine stories up, and partially on all glass floors, I was very very dizzy!

Getting cuddles and kisses from her favorite man in the world!


Now not such great news:
Even before the Gardens, I developed a headache and dizziness. It escalated...

Twelve hours ago, last night, I posted to Facebook:
"Houston, we have a problem. We are all sick. Katie had some sort of cold/ virus on Gotcha Day and now Cara, Doug, and I are feeling its effects finally. I'm the worst off so far: in bed with fever, chills, body aches, sore throat, cough, and total miserable-ness. Tomorrow morning we all fly out to Guangzhou for another week. Two sick toddlers, two sick parents, first flight together, and feeling bedridden. Lord help us. THANK GOODNESS it's a three hour flight instead of the 30 hours of travel next Thursday!!! Prayers appreciated!"

Then two hours ago, this morning, I posted:
"THANK you for praying we all have a cold with sore throats, but I have something BAD besides it... in Doug's words, "Mama contracted 'Ancient Chinese Virus' from orphanage", lol.... I had 102 fever, BAD chills, bad body aches and weakness where Doug had to help me to and from the bathroom, and vomiting (not related to gluten, I can tell the difference). I cried in the middle of the night, worried we would have to cancel our flight... I slept NINE hours, and woke... still sick but fever broke on it's own, and sipping Gatorade!"

We are so grateful for my big improvement! Please pray for continued healing and strength for today's traveling! We will need it!
Love, Jamie

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