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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Day 11: A Normal Day, for Once!

Good morning!
Not to give TMI, but I have needed to stay very close to a bathroom (I've lost around 4 pounds in 4 days), so Doug had to take Kate to her medical checkup Saturday morning. I got some special one-on-one time with Care-bear and enjoyed our peaceful breakfast and the hotel's garden grounds.

At the appointment, Doug learned that Katie's not the 30 pounds that we had been updated recently, but rather a tiny peanut at 4 1/2 years old: TWENTY-SIX lbs. lol... She was such a SWEETHEART at the appointment, Doug said because right after her, her friend, Trey Fouche from her orphanage got his blood drawn and he was screaming crying, and she went up to him and comforted him by rubbing his back. What a honey! She was thrilled to see Mama and Sister. Cara said, "I miss Katie, Mommy, I love her so much!"

After K got back from her doctor's appointment

Then we spent a very "normal" day, or me trying to make it very normal for the girls (despite me being sick). Doug worked on his sermon for next Sunday while Cara and I introduced K to PlayDough for an hour, she LOVED cutting it up with a plastic knife and belly laughed as I showed her how to roll it into a snake. 

Like our PlayDough "hat" we made for the Daddy doll?
Katie carries the Daddy doll from Cara's dollhouse around with her everywhere.

Cara was making "pizza" and Katie was making "cookies" according to C.

We had "book time" too!

I call it "book time" instead of "reading time" because I don't think Katie has EVER been "read to". Cara and I have had reading time since I was pregnant with her, everyday. Katie has no idea what to do with books yet, but loves to close items into the first page, either lids or other books, but ESPECIALLY her Daddy doll, to cover him up for night-night. LOL, I love my silly girl!

I took the girls on a cookie date in the hotel lobby in the late afternoon. 

We took the girls on a walk in Guangzhou in the evening, and then a fun highlight for the kids: the hotel's children's playroom with toys!

This was FUN to watch. Katie figured out these Mega Blocks and DID NOT STOP... she was soooo thrilled with making a taller and taller tower and re-arranging the blocks to make it more stable. She was FAST too. We called her Miss Tetris, lol.

Okay, we are hoping for a great Mother's Day today (I already have THE best Mother's Day gift ever in these two), we are going to the island, to a Christian church for their service, and then shopping a bit (at a special pearl market), if I can make it that long! Please continue to pray for healing for all of us! 

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