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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Day 14: U.S. Consulate appointment and Thai Celebration Dinner

This morning we girls got dressed in our traditional Chinese silk dresses and we all went to the U.S. Consulate to give our oath, about the veracity of our U.S. Visa application for Katie. We now wait 24 more hours for the Visa to be placed in her passport, before we can fly into the U.S. with her. The moment we land in California on Thursday, she becomes a U.S. citizen! :)

Just look at Katie-bug in this picture!

My two princesses were GLOWING in their dresses!

I love how her eyes turn into charming moons when she belly laughs!!!
Can you tell she's happy to be a Becker?!?

We went to the pearl market to hand pick a couple freshwater pink pearls that they then made into an earring and pendant keepsake set in front of us...

We relaxed at the hotel in the afternoon, Duggy even watched the girls so I could take a nap, I've been sooo hungry in these past two days since I am feeling better, that all I could dream about was guacamole! Lol... I see a trip to Chipotle in my future!
In the evening, we went out to our first restaurant in days, to a Thai restaurant. With our guide translating and checking and double checking and triple checking with the cook, we enjoyed AMAZING coconut and duck curry (without the usual wheat flour they add). The girls were so cute, pretending to eat dinner before the food came!

Tomorrow is our last day and though I am excited to introduce our baby girl to our families, I just want to hold on to our memories and these first family moments! I'm so glad I did make time to blog, I'll always have those thoughts that I was feeling at the time and pictures to reminisce! I can't help but wonder, will we be back one day?

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