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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day 15: Packing up, a garden walk, and the Pearl River dinner cruise!

What a GREAT family day, our last in China!
The pictures say it all!!! :)
She's got spunk! lol

Our Pearl River dinner cruise... everything is more affordable in China! :) We loved seeing the gorgeous sights of Guangzhou, is was a perfect, breezy warm night for it!

Excited for it to start!

Looking at the old opera tower that lights up and changes colors!

*** A tearful Thank You!....Goodbye for now!  "See you" in Jersey! Pray for a safe and manageable trip (30 hours from door to door, from here to Hong Kong to San Francisco to Jersey) with these silly two! 

THANK YOU for journeying with us, I never felt alone. Your support and prayers carried us through. I said to Doug, this trip was SO much easier, better, more magnificent than I could have ever imagined! Thank you LORD for your grace and mercy! We are still pinching ourselves, it's SOOO unbelievable to us that we came to this country 16 long days ago as a family of 3 and we are leaving as a family of 4. We really didn't get too many souvenirs, we just don't need them. We are coming home with the best gift EVER, a daughter, she's REAL and we already could not imagine our family without her, even for a minute. She's our lifelong dream come true! To know Katie Grace is to love her and I hope many of you will get the opportunity to know her!  Watch out America, here she comes!!!

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