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Friday, May 2, 2014

Day 1 and 2 of Trip: We're Here!

From my Facebook post on Thursday, May 1st:

We're here!!! Dizzily exhausted but happy and content! Thank you for the prayers for the flight, Cara was really pretty good, only fussed before she went to sleep. She slept 6 hours straight, Doug got 4 hours, I got 3 on and off. We had no problem at customs, they let us straight through. There wasn't any traffic and I was very pleased that she at least had a seat belt in our van. We have a guide and driver for just us for our whole time in Beijing (now until Sunday) because Living Hope is such a small adoption agency. The Novotel Peace Hotel is gorgeous and nicer than expected. Cara LOVES the hotel. My favorite Cara quote of the day: "Mom! There are a lot, a lot, a lot of Chinese people here in China!!!" and "Can we just go get Katie right now? I want to play with my sister today!" Our guide, Dennis is awesome. We just took showers and are relaxing, then Dennis is taking us to dinner in a bit. We are just incredulous that we are only a couple of hours away from Katie's town. We are thankful though to have this time until Monday morning to settle in and get over our crazy jet lag. I've only slept 3-4 hours a night for the past 4 nights. My adrenaline has been so strong, I didn't even realize I was tired until an hour ago, I was unpacking and the room started spinning. Sheesh! It's 6:45pm here (12 hours ahead of NJ). Really, Cara is doing AMAZINGLY... much, much better than we expected! Love you all!

Leaving Jersey Wednesday April 30th, 9am flight to Chicago

Boarded flight to Chicago and got THE LAST spot for our carry-ons! 

I slept 3 hours of the 14 hour flight from Chicago to Beijing, Doug slept 4, and Cara did really very well, sleeping 6 hours straight... 

We were looking worse for the wear, but we made it to the 90 degree Beijing, arriving 3:15pm, Thursday May 1st. 

Cara LOVES the hotel! Novotel Peace Hotel in Beijing

Our view, 13th floor

Cara's "bed"-- the couch, pulled up to ours.

Our first restaurant, our awesome guide, Dennis has worked so hard to ensure I get delicious food to eat that is still safely gluten free! Yay!

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