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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Day 16 & 17: coming HOME! :)

Thursday, 5:30am China time,  we began our 30 hour mega itinerary home! We drove a few hours to Hong Kong. The cuties at the airport:

On the 12 hour international flight to California, Cara slept 5 hours, but Katie only TWO and each of us, only one. As soon as we landed, Katie became an American citizen automatically! YAY!

We were so exhausted, I almost fell asleep. with Katie strapped to me, walking through customs...
The flight from San Francisco to NJ was much better. Katie fell asleep a bit before it and slept the whole time: SEVEN hours straight. Cara slept 5 hours. Doug and I each got a tiny nap. 

Our family was SO excited to meet Kate. The girls received a wonderful surprise: this was our princess chariot limo last night, the Becker family never disappoints!  Seriously, Jenny and Michael and Mom, we are still all talking about how awesome our homecoming was, (from the sunglasses to feather boas to the bracelets and crowns, the balloons from you all, the champagne, the stuffed animals, the plethora of new matching dresses from Grandma)... it was just SO wonderfully Becker!  I know Opo would have LOVED it too, and would probably have sported a boa before the cameras could catch it! lol. We feel so loved, and we had so much fun. THANK YOU!!!!!

 Katie and her Auny Jenny

We came home to a sparkling home filled with gifts, groceries, meals, and the sweetest banner from Kristy and signed by our church family. Katie knows this is home and she loves it! She's been giggling and happily cooing. The girls are bathed and Cara just rocked Kate to sleep. "I love my baby", she said. Me too! Both of them! Home!!! It is soo surreal, I said the first night, and yet, the MOST real it has felt. This is our home, and she was actually snoring next to me in OUR bed. So real, no one can take her away now!!!

I will post pics of there first days home soon! It's bedtime (again) at 4:30am! :)

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