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Monday, May 5, 2014

Day 6: May 5, 2014: GOTCHA DAY!!! Best day ever!

I'm going to keep this BRIEF so I get some sleep since the three of my loves are asleep now...

WOW! The Lord truly blessed us beyond what we could EVER imagine...
She. is. absolutely. PERFECT! She's bonding with us, she giggles, she's so happy to cuddle, she reaches for us, she's signed "Daddy" three times and refused to go to sleep without him near her. She smiles at Cara and wanted to hold her hand in the grocery store. She BELLY LAUGHS! What an absolute DELIGHT this child is! We just cannot FATHOM the wonderful truth that she is OURS! In a few hours, after we all hopefully sleep more, we have Adoption Day, (for the Chinese side of the adoption). We go to the Civil Affairs office as a family and officially adopt her!
We are seriously on Cloud Nine!

(We are on attempt three of uploading the Gotcha Day, a 3 minute video of us meeting her... It takes forever! Any suggestions to share it easier? THANKS!)

All three of us are so crazy in love with our angel!!! 
THANK YOU for sharing in our joy!!!


  1. tears of complete JOY!!!!!!

  2. That picture of you holding Katie (for what looks to be the first time), really got me! The look of sheer joy, relief and satisfaction - like any mama holding her baby for the first time! Truly amazing - I am so overjoyed for you all!

  3. So happy for you. Your first picture of holding Katie reminds me of my first picture holding Toby. It is such a surreal feeling to hold a child that did not come from you,but the love you have for them is exactly like they did. I wish we lived closer. HUGS! and Congrats!

  4. So excited for you guys!! Enjoy being a family!

  5. Overjoyed for your family Jamie, what a sweet, sweet blessing! A family of FOUR! Congratulations!

  6. Could not be happier for you!!! What a gift of a day! God is SO good!!! Praying you all have a great day together!!! Blessings and love!