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Friday, May 9, 2014

Day 10: MADE it to Guangzhou for a week of appointments & fun

DAY 10: Trip to Guangzhou
Despite my bad abdominal pains and Doug and Cara's colds and sore throats, we all made it to Guangzhou in one piece! The ride to the airport was interesting, the girls rarely have even a seatbelt, but with all the luggage in the tiny car, they rode UNDER my legs, on the floorboard, both of them. They were such good sports, and pretended it was a fort, lol.
Boy, do we make a scene. Most people just stare and point and look very puzzled at the sight of two girls, one blond, and one Chinese in matching dresses, strapped to the front of their parents, but it was so nice, because on the plane, the people in the seats around us got to SEE us loving on the girls and watch and realize they are BOTH our sweet babies. One woman fell in love with Katie and told me in broken English, "She can't hear you but she can feel your love!" YES! She can!

Just in time for Mother's Day, guess who said "Mama" yesterday?!??! This girl! (with her sweaty, spiky hair, lol). She looked right in my eyes on the way to the airport, and in a gutteral voice, said, "MA MA". Um, couldn't get any sweeter!

her Don King look! Mama, leave my hair alone!
About to leave for the airport. I ADORE my babies!

Had two rows to ourselves to stretch out... Cara sleeping and Katie playing contently

Checking in!

Crazy cute!

Cuddling after she ran into a glass wall and got a big bump on her head. :(

yay! We have a separate living room! 

Enjoying her first burger at the Irish pub, right after her blowout poop that required a wardrobe change, and right before my gluten disaster (see below)

I know it's blurry, but I had to share, she LOVES to wrap her feet around our necks and draw us close to her at night, or hold our noses while she sleeps. How I adore this gal!

We are SO relieved to be in Guangzhou... most adoptive couples will tell you, Beijing is so fun, Gotcha and transitioning in your child's province is good but HARD, and the highlight of the trip is Guangzhou... for many reasons! Almost all adopting couples stay at the breathtaking 5 star Garden Hotel (hotels are WAYYYY more affordable in China than in the U.S.) We heard it was amazing but we were both still surprised. We have more room to move around, and it feels more like a home here. (In Katie's province, our room was tiny and had no A/C, even on a 87 degree day, and the room had a stench, the people had never seen Westerners, and we just weren't very comfortable there. It was a very emotional time, and we both said, "We just can't wait for Guangzhou!!!" YAY! We are here with scores of other adopting families, and even flew on the same flight with the Fouche's, who adopted their son from Katie's orphanage. It was the FIRST time I could chat with another mom and feel understood on this trip. What a blessing!

I did, unfortunately, on top of my virus and cold, get gluten poisoning last night! :( We ate at an Irish pub, and I really hadn't eaten all day, since I was so sick, and was starving. I ordered a bun-less burger and even switched the fries for buttered mashed potatoes. The translator described my allergy to wheat extensively, but when I took my first bite of burger, I realized it tasted more like a meatball (with breadcrumbs added). I asked the cook, and he confirmed. Ug! horrible feeling, knowing I was going to be very ill. I spent the rest of the meal in the restroom. Since I probably only consumed a 1/2 tsp. of breadcrumbs, my reaction wasn't as bad, I'm so thankful I caught it before I had more!

Why do we have to stay another week? This morning, Kate has a doctor's appointment to test for TB and general health, and then Monday, her TB tests results come back (standard procedure before she's allowed to leave the country). Tuesday is our group oath at the U.S. Consulate (the U.S. side of the adoption), Wednesday we pack up and prepare for the longggg trek home. Thursday we will have a 30 hour itinerary home.

We are looking forward to enjoying this time together as a family and hope we all start feeling better soon... I love my family!

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  1. Glad you guys are in a more comfortable hotel!! Hope you feel better soon!