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Friday, October 30, 2015

Proven Wrong in a Great Way

Today I was proven wrong, in a great way. Any mom of a child with special needs can tell you, the "grieving" doesn't totally go away, it just hits you at different times. (The grief over the loss of what you dreamed for your child). The room mom for Katie's "home room" class, (a typical kindergarten class that she goes to music and art with) called me for the Halloween party sign-up this week. I chatted with her and explained that I might not make it to the Halloween parade today because honestly, my daughter wouldn't probably even notice much of a difference if I was there. As soon as I said it to this mom who couldn't possibly understand, I felt that speechless sadness that sweeps over you. Last night, I felt God challenging me to make the extra effort to come today regardless if she would note my absence or not. I brought Cara and we waited with the hundreds of parents for a glimpse of our Katie. I warned Cara that she may not even wave at us in the chaos. As she passed us, she looked up right at us and broke into her beaming smile, signing "Mama!" "Cara!" Her assistant even let us join in the parade and she held my hand and Cara's. She giddily SKIPPED the rest of the parade, visibly thrilled that HER family had come. Cara kept telling her, "Oh, Katie, we're both SO PROUD OF YOU! You're the BEST Snow White ever!". I cried on the way home. Thank you, Lord, for proving me wrong. ‪#‎cryingagain‬

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  1. Autism can explain inappropriate eating behavior (pica), insomnia, lack of eye contact, and developmental delay. Making a diagnosis of autism opens the door to earlier intervention and support from local and national organizations. Your love and vigilance made such a timely diagnosis possible. Katies' excellence in putting together puzzle pieces (and presumably in playing video games) shows her superior visuo-spatial ability. She may not make eye contact, but she is a visually oriented person!