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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Not just a learner...

You have to hear this quote from today...first: How did our first "Moms of Treasures" group go today? Wow. What a blessing to me. I've been trying to find the words. There's ten of us (a couple couldn't make it today), all moms of children with various types of special needs, all so thankful to have a place to share our hearts. I shouldn't have bothered wearing eye makeup. ;) I asked our "mentor mom" if I could share this here, I know so many of you SN moms would blessed to hear this story. So our mentor mom told us that one night decades ago, her son was really struggling in school, and she was crying herself to sleep about it, grieving. With her permission, I'd like to share what she said today about that night. She said, "I was crying out to God that night, weeping, asking Him, 'WHY, Lord? It's not fair, why is it so hard for my son to learn?' She said she had a moment where she felt Him impress very clearly to her heart, 'because he wasn't put on this earth to be just a learner but a TEACHER.' "
Oh friend, we all, ALL agreed, each of our treasures are such teachers to us. I have learned more from Katie than I could have been taught for years in a classroom. She's been one of, and will continue to be forever, one of the best and most precious teachers of my life.
And I almost missed it. What a treasure.

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