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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

March 9th... 5 years since that life-changing day

It's March 9th. It's been FIVE YEARS since that life- changing day. March 9th changed at least six people's lives forever. Mine, Doug's, Cara's, Katie's, and Katie's birthmom and birthdad. It was the day one or both of her birth parents made a very radical and very final decision to wrap her in a blanket with a bag of formula pinned to it and a bottle and place our precious, tiny bundle, at 2 months old, outside the gates of a busy village in the outskirts of Handan City, China. They knew someone would discover her- two people did and called the police. Her birth parents didn't know what her future would hold but they at least had come to the decision that they couldn't take care of her. I was COMPLETELY oblivious that day that she even existed 7,000 miles away. I was at work as a nanny and in the most challenging season of infertility, (but only days from conceiving Cara, unbeknownst to me) but God saw the whole story as it unfolded. I know Katie's birth parents think of her today. I certainly have thought of them and prayed for them all day. I wish they knew Kate now. She's joyfully splashing in the bath and had just signed a new sentence to me, "Mama, I want a bath in the water please." I WISH they knew what a gift she was to us--Thank you. Adoption is a beautiful love story that is born out of deep pain. I mourn their pain today. ‪#‎adoptionadvocacy

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